A new way to watch your local channels

ViewLocal from OPTURA LocalTV is delivered over the Internet and lets you watch your local channels without the cost of cable TV or spotty reception of over the air signals.  Since it is delivered over the Internet you can enjoy the channels on multiple devices at the same time.  Just download the app to your device.

Best of all, it’s only $19.95*/month.

Get all of your local channels for your area… Knox and Henry CountyFulton, Peoria and Stark County

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Give us a call at 778.8611 to learn more about OPTURA LocalTV


OPTURA LocalTV User Guide (version prior to 2017)


*OPTURA LocalTV service is available to Mid Century high-speed Internet customers only. Requires Internet speeds of a minimum of 1Mbps for SD Channels and 3Mbps for HD Channels.  OPTURA LocalTV service is not available in all areas. Contact us for complete details at 309.778.8611 or info@midcentury.com.