Residential Phone

The best choice for phone service when you are home is a landline. You receive higher quality voice service and enhanced security for just pennies a day!  Don’t you deserve the best?  You can enhance your traditional phone service with Mid Century Long Distance and/or Calling Features.

Mid Century Traditional landline phone service is highly dependable, affordable and user friendly for all ages.  It keeps you connected to family and friends and will do the talking for you when you call 911 by automatically giving the dispatcher your location when you are not able to.  The service includes:

  • Unlimited Local Calls (Traditional Phone Service)
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls
  • Free Directory Listing
  • E-911
  • Free Optional Calling Features, Upon Request – Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three-Way Calling, Speed Call 30, Call Forward Busy/No Answer
  • Clear Reception
  • Ability to Receive Collect Calls

You can enhance your traditional phone service with long distance, calling features and more.

Mid Century SafeTline is a limited phone service only available to our residential high speed Internet customers.  The service offers the security and dependability of a traditional landline for half the cost.  Although you can receive unlimited incoming calls, the outgoing calls are limited to 911, 811 and 611.

Qualified low-income individuals may be eligible for discounts on traditional phone or broadband Internet service by applying for Lifeline, a federal program.  Learn more about the Lifeline program available to Mid Century customers.  Application and household worksheet, eligibility.

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